Hi, I'm Shruthi

I'm an Architect turned Product Designer graduated with a degree in M.S Human Computer Interaction from Indiana University Bloomington.
My background in Architecture has given me the unique advantage of an interdisciplinary skill-set in both spatial and design thinking. I believe that design is where I really get to use my experiences to make a difference.
Having lived in three different countries, i'd like to think of myself as culturally diverse as they can get.  Fun fact: I've moved across 6 different cities across the Middle East, India & US in the last 10 years.

When i'm not designing, you can find me drinking coffee and complaining about the weather. That's what being raised in Abu Dhabi will do to you.
I also enjoy reading about psychology, design & volunteering and educating the broader design community.

My top book recs: MismatchedThe Culture Map
2023 - Present / UX Designer II - Adobe
2022 - 2023 / Associate UX Designer - Roche  
2022 / UX Design Intern - Roche
2021 - 2023 / M.S HCI  - Indiana University
2016 - 2021 / B.S Architecture - NIT Jaipur